HPAH has an experienced groomer which will not only make your pet pretty, but also treat them with spa quality sweetness! We will bathe your dog or cat (YES...we bathe cats) in a doctor-recommended moisturizing or medicated shampoo (at no extra cost) and apply a conditioner if needed. Then dry them by hand or with a cage dryer on low setting with low heat to ensure there is no chance of overheating! We will de-matt,cut,clip,shave and brush your fido back to show quality. Then perfume or cologne with a final touch of bows or bandanas. Always included in a grooming is a "paw-a-cure", ear cleaning, and anal gland expression!


We offer a full-range of surgeries from a one day out-patient stay dental cleaning to a two day stay for a declaw. We use only the safest anesthesia that is used in people and have constant monitoring performed by an experienced technician. Your pet is also hooked up to a high-tech heart monitor which closely keeps track of their heart rate and oxygen level. They are kept warm during their procedure on a heated surgery table. After their procedure they wake up calmly with pain medicine on board and rocked (size permitting) by Dr. Zak herself.


HPAH offers a state of the art fuji prima digital X-ray machine which allows virtually no room for error and beautiful pictures that can be saved on a disc or emailed to a specialist if the need arises.


We offer several wellness packages for both dogs and cats with low monthly payments. Also offer regular annual appointments and can tailor vaccines to meet your pet's lifestyle needs.

Wellness Exams

Dr. Zak thoroughly examines every patient prior to vaccines or any surgical procedure!


HPAH offers many options for your little camper here at Hamilton Plaza. We have 5 3x5' runs with special night lights,constant air circulation and a drainage system installed to further help with odor! Each one is equipped with sheep skin beds and stainless steel pails and bowls for durability! The dogs are walked 2-3 times daily and placed in an outdoor fenced play area and are supervised. We don't charge extra to play or medicate your pet while they stay with us! If your dog is smaller or they prefer an area away from larger dogs we have a separate space for them in spacious cages! If your kitty needs to be boarded we have a separate area for them as well! This space is towards the front and consists of condos with built in windows, lounging benches and doors to jump between units!

To keep your pets safe, we also have cameras on the premises.


We offer dental specials through out the year! A dental cleaning is a routine but very necesssary procedure in most pets over the age of four. Unfortunately, they won't hold their mouths open for this like people do! Therefore, we must place them under anesthesia like any other surgical procedure. Once asleep their teeth are cleaned and polished by an ultrasonic IM3 dental unit.

Doggie Daycare

$7.00 A DAY. Includes indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) playtime, supervised socialization, and a special treat!


$45.00 and includes free registration.

Heartworm and Flea Preventives

We sell Heartgard, Sentinel Spectrum, Proheart injection, Revolution for felines, Frontline Plus, and Bravecto.

Our Products

Food Products

Private Label Products

Includes shampoos, conditioning sprays, ear cleaners, suppliments and more.