Our Hospital

HPAH team members enjoy working in a modern practice that includes a state-of-the-art on-site laboratory, well-equipped surgical suite, digital X-ray unit, dedicated dental area featuring a high-powered IM3 unit, and more. Our space and tools allow us to perform a range of routine and complex services on a variety of species, while our partnerships with mobile surgeons and our in-house board-certified pathologist ensure next-level patient care and valuable learning opportunities for our team.

Our Culture

We’re proud to provide a growth-minded and supportive culture where each member is valued and encouraged toward continuous learning and skill development. We prioritize team well-being by balancing our high standards of care and work ethic with humor, heart, and—when possible—a whole lot of puppy and kitten snuggles.


Health Insurance

Dental Insurance


Paid Time off

Uniform Allowance

Competitive Pay

Pet Allowance

Continued Education

“In the grooming salon, I strive to create a stress-free environment where pets feel pampered and loved, making their visit to the vet a positive experience.”

Our Perfect Fit

Our ideal candidates recognize the equal importance of the patient and the client, value and practice clear and compassionate communication, and enjoy working collaboratively toward our common goal of healthy pets and happy clients. To keep pace with our busy schedule and the general nature of vet med, our ideal applicant must be adaptable, flexible, and resilient. If Hamilton Plaza Animal Hospital sounds like your perfect fit, we’d love to speak with you!



Veterinary Assistant/ Veterinary Technician


Kennel Attendant


Customer Service Representative


Intern & Extern


“Every day, I am reminded of the incredible resilience and spirit of animals, which motivates me to provide the best care possible.”


“Every interaction at the reception desk is an opportunity to build trust and rapport with our clients, making them feel like part of our veterinary family.”


“Despite the challenges we face, the joy of seeing a wagging tail or hearing a purr makes it all worthwhile.”

-Vet Tech

“For teammates at a veterinary hospital, it’s crucial to prioritize compassion for both animals and their owners. Additionally, understanding and following medical protocols and procedures meticulously is vital for providing the best care possible. Effective3 communication within the team and with clients ensures smooth operations and better outcomes for the animals. Flexibility and adaptability are also essential traits, given the unpredictable nature of veterinary medicine.”

-Vet Tech

“My favorite part about working here is seeing animals get better and knowing that I played a part in their recovery. The bond between animals and their owners is also heartwarming to witness and be a part of. Additionally, working alongside passionate colleagues who share a love for animals creates a supportive and fulfilling work environment.”

-Vet Tech